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Jan 10


In Parcel Shipping, Size Matters

Posted: Jan 10, 2022

Editor's Note: This post has been updated with new links and content. Original Publication Date: April 1, 2016 Dimensional weight - also known as DIM weight - is an important topic for shippers and anyone involved in the supply chain. Here's what you can gain from this post: Variables in shipping rates...

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Dec 22


UPS and FedEx Announce 5.9% General Rate Increase for 2022

Posted: Dec 22, 2021

Both UPS and FedEx are raising their rates by 5.9% for 2022. The general price increase (GPI) aka “General Rate Increase” or “GRI” is an annual carrier “tradition,” so it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that shippers will once again be forced to adjust to even higher shipping costs. If you’re a UPS or FedEx customer, the only constant...

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Dec 06


UPS & FedEx Take a Hardline Stance With Their Customers

Posted: Dec 06, 2021

UPS and FedEx have always been willing to meet their customers’ expectations - or at a minimum - they’ve always been willing to hear them out and address certain customer requests for discounts or better rates as a means to maintain a solid client-vendor relationship.  But the dynamic between carriers and shippers has changed drasticall...

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Nov 23


UPS Next Day Air Residential Delivery Commitment Time Change

Posted: Nov 23, 2021

Businesses that rely on UPS and/or FedEx have ridden a roller coaster of change over the past 18+ months. In that time, both carriers waived their service guarantees...

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Nov 04


UPS Sets Record Profits for a Year...in 9 Months

Posted: Nov 04, 2021

UPS recently announced they had their most profitable year ever - and there’s still a quarter of the year remaining! In just 9 months, “UPS has generated more operating profit than any full year in our history,” according to UPS CEO Carol Tome. Let that sink in the next time you’re paying your UPS invoices.  ...

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