Corporate Citizenship

At Lojistic, we hold a high regard for corporate and individual responsibility within our respective communities and throughout the world.  Sincere value for people and the environment are foundational to the way of thinking at Lojistic.  These values are reflected in our corporate culture and the way we do business.

The goal at Lojistic is to empower employees to volunteer and donate to charitable organizations committed to enriching the planet and humanity. The following are a few of the charitable groups that Lojistic and its employees have partnered with:

Food for the Hungry logo
  • Food for the Hungry - Helping to End Hunger Around the World:
Hands of Mercy logo
Exodus Cry logo
  • Exodus Cry - Helping to End Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery:

We encourage you and your company to get involved in causes that will benefit the lives of others. Together we can make a difference.

The Greater Good Initiative

Lojistic is pleased to announce the establishment of its corporate Greater Good initiative.

In a continuing effort to give back to the community and foster corporate responsibility, Lojistic will dedicate an otherwise normal business day to corporately volunteer time, effort, and resource to the Greater Good. Employees are encouraged to nominate their favorite charitable or volunteer organizations for the day’s group activity.

Employees and their spouses will be able to devote an entire day to volunteer work at the chosen organization.

Our corporate culture is a reflection of our great employees. We wanted to empower our employees, our clients, and our community to join us in our efforts to give back to causes that will enrich and benefit the lives of others. We believe it’s our responsibility to do more than just work for profit, but to ensure that we are making efforts toward the Greater Good of others. Luke Kupersmith, President of Lojistic.

The Greater Good Initiative - October 8, 2012

Our next Greater Good event will take place on Monday, Octoner 8, 2012 at Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve & Ecological Reserve. We will be volunteering our time to habitat rehabilitation along the marsh areas. We will be uprooting non-native plant species and replanting native plants. We hope that you can join us for this event.

The Greater Good Initiative - February 20, 2012

Lojistic dedicated Monday, February 20, 2012 to helping Someone Cares Soup Kitchen in Costa Mesa, CA. Members of the Lojistic team took part in the inaugural Greater Good Service Day to help and volunteer at a local charity or “greater good” organization.

All of us at Lojistic were moved by the stories and people at Someone Cares Soup Kitchen The dedication of the people running the kitchen should be an inspiration for all of us to help those less fortunate. Lojistic is grateful to Someone Cares for allowing our team the opportunity to share in their passion to help others. Luke Kupersmith, President of Lojistic

In addition to volunteering their time, Lojistic’s employees also donated food and needed supplies to Someone Cares.

Our day at Someone Cares emphasized the value of supporting such outstanding organizations.” said. “We encourage others to donate their time or much needed items to Someone Cares Soup Kitchen so that they can continue their mission to feed and comfort the less fortunate. Jared Fisher, Senior Vice President of Lojistic