Invoices Get Audited

Lojistic comprehensively
audits your carrier invoices

Carriers get paid

Lojistic manages carrier payments
via our credit card

you keep 100% savings

Refunds filed and you
keep 100% of the savings

If ReadyPay Is Free, How Does Lojistic Make Money?

When we pay your carriers, we do it with a Lojistic credit card and in that way (reward points) receive benefit from providing the service for you.

Do I Really Keep 100% Of The Audit Savings?
Yes, yes you do

We wanted to provide our clients a service that no one else is offering. Through a special arrangement with our financial institution, our parcel audit fees are entirely subsidized via the carrier payment process. In turn, you get to keep 100% of all audit savings.

ReadyPay Feature Benefits
You don’t have to pay for any of this stuff.

FedEx & UPS
Audit Services

Online Reporting &



GL Coding

Lots of
Audit Savings

ReadyPay Eligibility Requirements

ReadyPay Process

All UPS/FedEx Invoices Collected By Lojistic For Audit

On a weekly basis we download all electronic UPS/FedEx invoices into our audit system.

Comprehensive UPS/FedEx Parcel Invoice Audit

Every charge on every invoice undergoes a thorough audit and verification process conducted by our robust audit technology and savvy auditors. After we identify all potential credits, the audit team requests credits from the carrier(s) on your behalf.

Automated GL Coding

Our system can automate the allocation of shipping costs according to your company’s simple or complex coding rules.

Lojistic Submits ReadyPay Approved Invoices To Client

Once the audit and coding processes are complete, you received a funding report containing a detailed account of all carrier invoices that are “ready to pay”.

Client Funds Lojistic

Your funds are deposited directly onto a credit card account specifically created for you. Our secure and transparent payment service enables full visibility to your funds and all payments made to your carriers on your unique card.

Lojistic Manages UPS/FedEx Payment Process

We pay your carrier invoices within 1-3 business days after funding. You are always able to log into your account to verify the timeliness of all carrier payment activities. The only things that should be floating around are boats and balloons, not your money.

The ReadyPay Guarantee

Our ReadyPay Guarantee gives you complete confidence that your invoices are “ready to pay”. Audit credits that we secure on your behalf are guaranteed against carrier reversal. If UPS or FedEx ever reverse audit credits after you have funded Lojistic, we will cover the difference to the carrier on your behalf (up to $5,000 per week).