Reduce Parcel & Freight Shipping Costs

Learn more about how your company can save money using our Parcel & Freight Bill Audit and Carrier Rate Negotiation services

Small Parcel & Freight Audit

Easy Setup

Our team manages the entire shipping audit setup, implementation, execution, and recovery process. Your time is not required. Sit back and watch us reduce shipping costs. Lojistic can help lower your freight shipping cost and help your entire shipping operation run more smoothly.

Customized Audit Services

If you need it, we can build it. Our shipping audit solutions can be tailored to meet your needs, including but not limited to complex and extensive GL coding. Our freight audit services will help you take control of your shipping costs. A parcel audit will help facilitate ways to save on your smaller shipments.

Free Logistics Reporting

Lojistic's shipping audit services come with free access to our online logistics reporting tool. We can teach your team how to use the available reports to better manage your logistics and further reduce shipping costs. Improved visibility will help you better understand and lower you logistics costs. We can work to help you find low cost freight shipping and monitor your savings each year.

Contingency Based Service Fee

Our fees are based on actual realized results. Money will be refunded to your account before our contingency fee is calculated. If we do not create cost savings you don't pay. We focus on helping you find low cost freight shipping. Our goal is to help you reduce shipping costs. Our team will teach you how to reduce shipping costs, so you can start saving money right away.

Guaranteed Savings

There are refund opportunities in your carrier invoices that our team will identify and recover. Found money is good money. The cost of freight shipping can add up quickly. Often people miss things like refunds for late shipments and other erroneous charges. Our auditing services can help you find these mistakes. We can also help you negotiate shipping contracts and help your business improve your bottom line profitability.

No Obligation Trial!

Too good to be true? Let us prove that it is not. Trial our shipping audit with no obligation to continue. Once you start, you won't stop. Let our freight management services help you save money now. We understand that your freight shipping costs can negatively affect your bottom line.

The cost of freight shipping is perpetually rising. This means you have to spend more on logistics costs each year. At Lojistic, we work to find you low cost freight shipping that will still meet your business needs. A shipping audit can help you reduce shipping costs and find billing mistakes and hidden fees. Let us help you lower shipping costs, enabling you to focus on serving your customers.

We can work with your logistics team to set up a system that makes it easy to monitor your costs. We can work with you to negotiate better shipping contracts with the major shipping companies. Try our services with no obligation.

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Shipping Contract Analysis & Negotiation Services

Industry Experience

Lojistic's team of industry experts understand today's complex carrier pricing environment. Our evolving knowledge and experience enables us to significantly reduce shipping costs.

Benchmarking Abilities

After analyzing your company's shipping characteristics, we are able to benchmark your current carrier pricing against the pricing we would expect for your business. Therein, the savings opportunity will be identified.

Guaranteed Savings

Our fees are based on a share of actual savings. If our analysis identifies a cost saving opportunity, implementation of our carrier negotiation services will reduce shipping costs.

Technology & Analytics

Our complex pricing models and comparison methodology allow us to accurately analyze and compare multiple agreements.

Negotiation Skills & Strategy

The carrier negotiation process is a complex endeavor with numerous variables. Our process, which has been proven over time, results in reduced shipping costs for every client.

Free Contract(s) Analysis

Let Lojistic perform a free analysis of your current carrier agreement(s) to determine cost saving opportunities.

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