Parcel & Freight Shipping Costs Calculators

As part of our commitment to helping you save money, Lojistic offers a couple free shipping calculator tools. These can be used to calculate shipping cost for your company and help you negotiate better shipping contracts. Using these shipping cost calculators, you can get a good understanding of where you can save significant dollars on your mailing costs.

These shipping cost calculator tools are just part of our extensive freight management services. We can work to help you calculate shipping cost for your mailings and reduce them even further. Read on for more details on each freight shipping calculator.

UPS & FedEx Rates Calculator

With this shipping rate calculator tool, you can easily generate UPS and/or FedEx rate sheets for domestic transportation services. Input your selected carrier (UPS or FedEx) and service type (ground, overnight or next day, two-day, three-day, etc.) into the shipping cost calculator. If a minimum charge applies, include it in the field provided on the shipping calculator. You may also enter any applicable discounts, including all customer discounts, revenue discounts and deferred discounts in the freight shipping calculator tool. Discounts can be applied to all weights, if appropriate, or can be applied to specific weight breaks in the shipping calculator. Click "Generate Report" and your carrier rate report will be returned, along with links to the printable and CSV version as well. A freight and parcel audit consultant from Lojistic can help you understand the results of your shipping cost calculator and help you to get the most out of our shipping rate calculator.

UPS & FedEx Rates Comparison

With this shipping costs calculator tool, it is easy to calculate shipping cost and compare two sets of UPS and/or FedEx rate schedules for domestic transportation services. The Rate Comparison Tool accounts for all variance in carrier rate schedules, so you can get a good understanding of differences in price between the two carriers when you use this shipping costs calculator. Start by choosing whether you want the freight costs calculator comparison to display as dollars ($) or percentages (%). For the rates you are comparing, choose the carrier (either FedEx or UPS), service type (ground, overnight or next day, two-day, three-day, etc.), and any applicable minimum charge or carrier discounts (including custom discounts, revenue discounts and deferred discounts) in the shipping rate calculator. Then, simply select Compare, and this freight shipping calculator will generate the comparison report. A printable version and downloadable CSV are also available for the report that you have created with this freight costs calculator.

Dimensional Weight Charge Calculator

With our Dimensional (DIM) Weight calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the impact of the recent DIM weight changes on your day-to-day packing and shipping operations. Input the length, width, and height of some of your standard box sizes into the fields provided. Then, input the average weight of your typical shipments for the aforementioned standard box size. Lastly, enter your approximate monthly volume and select your carrier. If you’d like to enter your carrier discount, minimum charge, or DIM divisor, click “Show Advanced Options” to unlock these fields. Click “Calculate” to generate a custom on-screen report that outlines the impact of the recent DIM changes. You are able to toggle the results based on zone by clicking on the “ZONE 5” dropdown and selecting another zone. Your results are shown on a monthly basis, with that data extrapolated over a year to show your annualized impact analysis.