Custom UPS & FedEx Rates Calculator


Shipping and freight costs often represent a large portion of a company's overhead. Here at Lojistic, our goal is to help your company save money on freight and shipping. Among our most useful, free freight management solutions are the UPS rates calculator and FedEx rate calculator. Using these UPS and FedEx cost calculator tools, you can get valuable insight on carrier shipping costs.

Our UPS and FedEx shipping cost calculator tools are easy to use, and they help you identify the lowest-cost shipping option. No one wants to conduct a parcel audit and discover after the fact that they could have saved more money if they had just made use of a shipping calculator comparison. The shipping comparison calculator tools make it easy to view charges from FedEx and UPS side by side. You compare apples-to-apples with this shipping calculator. UPS and FedEx shipping charges for packages of the same weight and size are calculated and presented to you for a simple comparison.

When you use our UPS rates calculator and FedEx rate calculator, it is important that you be as specific as possible. When it comes to each shipping calculator, UPS and FedEx calculators included, the results you get for your shipping calculator comparison are only as good as the information you input into the UPS and FedEx shipping cost calculator. You can be assured that our UPS and FedEx cost calculator will provide you with the accurate information you need to analyze and identify the best shipping contracts for your business.

In addition to our shipping comparison calculator tool, Lojistic is also happy to provide freight audit services and other forms of freight management. Many customers find these services invaluable as they allow them to focus on other aspects of their business. Our UPS rates calculator and FedEx rate calculator are just a small example of the resources that Lojistic can provide.

Lojistic can help you with your shipping comparison needs. We have tools that make it easy to compare FedEx vs. UPS rates so that you can find the lowest possible prices for your shipping needs. A shipping cost comparison can help you determine if your current shipping contracts are the best that is available for your business. UPS vs. FedEx rates will vary depending on your current shipping characteristics. It is important to compare shipping costs on a regular basis.

We offer services that will help you save on your shipping costs. Our freight audit services can help you save money on your regular shipping services. Lojistic can also do a parcel audit that looks at your smaller shipping needs. The team of experts here at Lojistic will work to make your freight management easier and more affordable. We can help you with a shipping price comparison so that you can easily evaluate your services each year and find a contract that works well for you. Our FedEx and UPS comparison service can make it easier to find the best deals available.

During challenging economic times, you may be looking for ways to lower costs. The cost of shipping can quickly lower profit margins, which is why it is so important to complete a shipping comparison every year. This may enable you to negotiate better shipping rates. FedEx vs. UPS rates will vary depending on your volume and shipping needs. A shipping cost comparison will help you find areas that you can save.

At Lojistic, we can compare UPS vs. FedEx rates, along with other shipping carriers, in an effort to help you lower the cost of getting your product out to your customers. It is important to compare shipping costs when you are negotiating a new contract or just starting out in business. Our shipping price comparison services have helped many companies save money. A FedEx and UPS comparison will give you the information you need to choose the most cost effective reliable shipping service for your company.