Comparing FedEx & UPS Rates Author: akecskes
March 16, 2011

If your company does a high volume of shipping and you're being squeezed by your steely-eye comptroller to cut shipping costs, read on. What you need to be a hero is a serious shipping comparison tool.

One of these, the FedEx & UPS Rate Comparison Tool, lets you easily compare FedEx and UPS rate schedules for domestic transportation services. The handy shipping comparison tool is a real lifesaver, as it accounts for all variances in carrier rate schedules. You start by choosing whether you want a dollar or percentage comparison. To compare specific rates, choose your carrier--FedEx or UPS, the service type (ground, overnight or next day, two-day, three-day, etc.), and any minimum charge or carrier discounts (including custom discounts, revenue discounts and deferred discounts). Now simply select "Compare" to generate the comparison report. You can even print out or download the report.

Another useful shipping comparison tool, known as the FedEx & UPS Rates Calculator, lets you easily generate UPS and/or FedEx rate sheets for domestic transportation services. It's a fast, easy way to compare FedEx and UPS. You start by specifying your chosen carrier (UPS or FedEx) and service type (ground, overnight or next day, two-day, three-day, etc.). You'll need to include any minimum charges and any applicable discounts--like customer, revenue, and deferred discounts. You can apply the discounts to all weights, or you can choose to apply discounts based on certain weight categories. Finally, click "Generate Report" and your carrier rate report will appear, along with links to the printable version.

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