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The Short Version

Lojistic is a free cost savings automation and analytics platform that helps businesses control and reduce shipping expenses. The Lojistic platform analyzes historical shipping data, identifies costly shipping inefficiencies, and supports the resolution of those issues.

The Long Version

In 2004, the founders of Lojistic were trying to start a clothing company and as a means of scratching to make ends meet (aka put food in their bellies)... they began a “temporary” side gig helping companies improve their parcel shipping rates. Lojistic was born.

Years later the clothing company is long gone and Lojistic has grown to become a multi-faceted platform that’s used by thousands of companies to reduce shipping costs and streamline operations.

Through all the industry changes and evolutions, we remain focused on building and providing solutions to help shippers get their stuff from point A to point Z cost effectively.

From companies in the Fortune 100 to those still operating from their kitchen table (and everyone in between), Lojistic helps businesses send costs packing.

  • 2004 Company
  • 2006 First Employee
  • 2011 Aquire Engage
  • 2011 Ranks #469
    On Inc. 5000
  • 2015 Rebrand As
  • 2015 Aquires
    Package Fox
  • 2015 Lojistic Platform
    Development Begins
  • 2018 Lojistic
    Platform Launched
  • 2019 Aquires Nessco
    Freight Auditing
  • 2024 Saving Thousands of
    Companies Millions

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