About Lojistic

Lojistic helps businesses simplify the complexity of logistics. With a focus on innovation and a team of smart (and fun) people, we help maximize parcel and freight cost savings for clients all over the country.

The Crew At Lojistic is Rad!

2005 2021

Our Journey Started In 2005

Lojistic was founded with the idea that we could help companies reduce shipping costs.

At Lojistic, we see logistics as a systems game

Your indicators of success customer satisfaction, ease of management, cost minimization, and profit maximization all depend on your logistics operations. We aren’t the kind of company that you just buy a product or service from. It's a partnership; a relationship.

Lojistic Core Values


“Better today than yesterday.”


“In pursuit of excellence and a student of failures.”


“Keepin’ it real.”


“We've got your back.”


“Hard work and good times together.”

Looking Forward

Lojistic is committed to solving the biggest logistics problems, challenges and opportunities that businesses face.