UPS & FedEx General Rate Increase

Each year, UPS and FedEx roll out costly price increases to shippers, forcing companies to seek out alternative cost saving transportation solutions and strategies. See how this year's increase stacks up compared to increases of the past when you download this free general rate increase report from Lojistic.

This comprehensive report includes:

  • A detailed analysis of this year's UPS and FedEx general rate increase.
  • An understanding as to why YOUR actual shipping rate increase may vary greatly from the announced “average” percentages.
  • A thorough analysis of each FedEx and UPS price increase since 2014.
  • Gain visibility as to which transportation charges and accessorial fees have increased to the greatest degree over time.

How will the increased rates, surcharges and fees affect your profitability in 2024? View / download your free GRI report below, then create a free Lojistic account to quantify your saving opportunities.


DIY Refund Recovery Guide

You found errors on your UPS or FedEx invoices, now what? It's time to get your potential refunds. Lojistic makes it easy for you to identify errors and service failures. Our platform does that automatically and for free. We'll also chase down refunds on your behalf if you'd like us to. But if you're looking to chase down your potential refunds yourself, use our DIY guide. The DIY Parcel Audit & Refund Recovery Guide breaks down the recovery process in an easy-to-understand step-by-step format. We want you to get the refunds you're owed! UPS and FedEx manage refunds a bit differently, but all of the tips and tricks you'll need are in the guide.

When you download this free guide, you will:

  • Learn best practices and tips and tricks to recover your refunds
  • Know key dates and timelines for requesting refunds
  • Gain visibility into the refund recovery process
  • See the difference between requesting refunds with UPS vs FedEx (if you're using both carriers)
  • Know how and when to verify that your refunds have been credited back to your account
  • Have access to Lojistic's support team for questions or additional help

Reduce your shipping costs by getting refunds for UPS and FedEx errors and service failures. Stop paying for your carrier's mistakes


Carrier Contract Optimization Guide

What's the secret to achieving the best possible UPS and FedEx rates? With Lojistic's Carrier Contract Optimization Guide, you'll get everything you need to negotiate improved rates and bigger discounts. You'll also be able to gauge how much your current UPS or FedEx rates can improve. If you aren't using Lojistic to better understand your shipping profile, you're at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to negotiating your carrier contract. That's because your UPS and/or FedEx account representative has access to your shipping information. They know which strings to pull to maximize their profits off of you. Lojistic's free platform will show you exactly how much your rates can be improved. Even the playing field by creating a Lojistic account. Get access to the same information as your carrier, then use our free carrier contract optimization guide to significantly lower your UPS and/or FedEx costs.

When you download this free guide, you will:

  • Learn 3 of the most common UPS and FedEx pricing myths
  • Get a tailored, step-by-step negotiation strategy
  • Gain visibility into what the carriers know about you and how they use that to their advantage
  • See a typical timeline for optimizing a UPS and/or FedEx contract
  • Have access to Lojistic's free cost savings automation and analytics platform to validate and quantify your unique savings opportunity
  • Learn the art and science behind a successful negotiation

We believe every shipper should have access to the same information the carriers use to their advantage in a negotiation. This guide is the first step in securing better rates from your carrier.


5 Secrets UPS & FedEx Don't Want You To Know

Minimize these five hidden UPS and FedEx shipping costs! In this report, Lojistic provides tips and tricks from our team of industry experts to help you reduce the excessive cost of shipping with proven parcel and freight solutions.

Here's what you'll learn from the report:

  • How to best utilize UPS and FedEx on-time delivery guarantees
  • How using the wrong FedEx and UPS packaging could cost your company double
  • The secrets to asking for market-leading shipping discounts and other cost savings solutions
  • How to recover credits for late and/or undelivered shipments

Use our 5 Secrets report to uncover UPS and FedEx cost savings opportunities. View or download the report today.


UPS and FedEx Fuel Surcharges

Remember when the last air fuel surcharge for FedEx and UPS was 0%? Here at Lojistic, we do. That occurred in April and May of 2009. Download the history of the fluctuations to air and ground fuel surcharges over the past few years, and see how our free shipping intelligence platform can help you save money.

In this special freight solutions report you will:

  • Receive the comprehensive history of the FedEx and UPS air and ground fuel surcharge since 2011.
  • Obtain access to informative charts graphing the fluctuations of fuel surcharges from month to month and year to year.
  • Gain visibility as to the difference in fuel surcharge between UPS and FedEx over time.
  • Become equipped with valuable information related to fuel surcharge that will facilitate better business decisions and aid the selection of viable transportation management solutions.

Manage FedEx and UPS fuel costs. This report from our logistic solutions library is available for download immediately at no cost.


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