How Transparent Shipping Containers Could Impact Port Operations Author: Rich Harkey
April 03, 2015

Westbound Shipping Services have unveiled the latest in container-tech, a transparent shipping container. This container is an industry first, and is on the forefront of freight industry technology.

The container is made from a high density, scratch-resistant Perspex cast acrylic. It is then fitted with a small power pack that is charged by solar panels and kinetic movement. The power pack transmits a small electrical current through the Perspex, which reacts by making the clear acrylic opaque.

Once the current is switched off, the container becomes completely transparent, and its contents can be easily seen from the outside. This technology’s impact is yet to be seen in the freight world, but it has the ability to streamline port operations and impact shippers’ bottom lines. The transparent containers will allow customs authorities speed up their processes at the port. Each container has a unique code generated at its origin, and only viewers of the bill of lading or manifest will have access to this code which, when entered, deactivates the electrical current, making it completely transparent.

“Having a clear container will not just assist Customs authorities, but also those loading and unloading… It’s an all-round safe, efficient, and game-changing container design,” said Ian Richardson, managing partner at iSCP (HK) Ltd.

This transparent container represents a shift towards a more tech-driven logistics industry. If you’re looking for more transparency to your in-transit shipments be sure to check out HALO.

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