Optimizing Your Parcel Contracts Will Get You Results Author: Rich Harkey
December 16, 2019

Optimizing your parcel contracts will not leave you feeling uncertain. No one wants to feel like their contract is anything less than the most efficient in the market.

Contracts can be very complex and cumbersome. And if you're not a contract expert with a parcel, there's a chance some money is being left on the table.

This is by the carriers' design because they have over a hundred different:

  • Surcharges
  • Accessorial charges
  • Service-level costs

The only way you're negotiating today with your carriers is with their data.

The Solution

With that data, we'll be able to determine if there's any overspend or loss in your current contract. We base this off the market rates.

Through this assessment, we'll be able to share with you the probable and possible savings. We achieve this by renegotiating or optimizing your contract.

We do this every day. It's one of our core services at Lojistic. If you're ever doubting your contract, let us test it out. Contact us here at Lojistic.

We offer two rate services:

  • A contract evaluation
  • Assisting with optimizing that contract

The evaluation work is at no cost to you. We burn some calories on our end, while you receive the results.

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