Reducing Costs Through Shipping Comparison Tools Author: T Nguyen
February 03, 2012

Shipping rates can vary quite a lot among carriers for any given package whether you ship few or many packages.  For this reason, you should be utilizing a comparison tool to reduce your shipping costs!

When you use these shipping comparison tools, they make it easier to save on shipping costs.  For example, one tool will let you compare different sets of UPS or FedEx rate schedules for domestic shipping.  It will help factor any variance in carrier rate schedules when comparing the rates and help reduce shipping.  Many tools should let you compare UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service and DHL rates and shipping times in one simple step.

Source Consulting also offers free tools to help reduce shipping costs for anyone that comes to our website.  Our comparison tool walks you through each step, which we’ll describe quickly here. First, you’ll start with whether you want to compare the costs in dollars or percentages.  Then, you’ll select the carrier, rate guide year, and service type of comparison.  Next, you’ll enter the carrier’s minimum shipment charge not affected by discounts or incentives. You’ll then have a chance to input applicable custom discounts, revenue discounts and deferred discounts including any delivery service incentives and weight dependent discounts. The rest will be done by the comparison tool, generating a UPS and FedEx report with the ability to send it to any email address.  You can even use our FedEx & UPS Rates Calculator to create net rate sheets for all domestic transportation services.  If you’re really serious about reducing your shipping, there is no reason you shouldn’t be using these free and powerful money saving tools!

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