Parcel Auditing, Late Delivery Visibility, and Smart Service Selection Author: akecskes
June 18, 2011

To ensure your business prospers during these tough economic times, parcel auditors will tell you to seek out reliable, multimodal freight services that provide accurate import and export documentation and up-to-date customs clearances. Whether you need to ship small parcel or palletized freight, you'll need a global shipping solution to meet your needs, time schedule and budget. And to help you compete on a global scale.

Parcel auditors know that time is of the essence. They will point to DHL's Time Delivery guaranteed services, for example, which allow you to send shipments by 9:00 a.m. (10:30 a.m. to Mexico) or 12:00 noon to major business centers throughout Europe, the Americas, and parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. DHL's Time Definite express services reach all major and mid-sized cities in Europe. They also provide the fastest one- and two-day transit times to all South American areas it services—for small parcel or larger packages.

Parcel auditors keep track of these and other details. Like the fact that DHL's Express 9:00 service is now available from the U.S. to nearly 20 airport or IATA locations; or that DHL Import Express 10:30 is available to the U.S. from about 500 airport or IATA origins.

Something else parcel auditors keep track of is pricing and weight limits. They'll know that DHL's Time Definite services for the 9:00 service averages 30-to-35 percent higher than the Time Definite end-of-day service, and that the weight limit is 66 pounds each for their 9:00 and 10:30 services. This is something to consider if you're shipping international small parcel.

If you're used to shipping FedEx or UPS, parcel auditors will tell you that both have similar offerings for freight and small parcel throughout most of Europe. But DHL's stronger network within Europe in secondary locations and cities lets DHL offer services FedEx and UPS may not be able to match.

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