UPS Quantum View: When You See It Keep So Much of Your Money... Author: Jared Fisher
June 14, 2022

UPS Quantum View Keeps Your Money

UPS is now the world’s largest transportation company. According to this Forbes article, UPS recently passed FedEx for the top spot. In fact, UPS is now the 100th largest company in the world. FedEx sits at 162. 

So what’s contributed to the big jump for UPS? One is the huge increase in ecommerce (which accelerated tremendously throughout 2020 and 2021) and UPS’s role in delivering all those packages for companies that have increased their online sales. 

Another major growth contributor is their ability to maximize their profits. With every shipment, UPS puts on a masterclass in its ability to remain as profitable as possible on each and every one of their customers. And they’re able to do that because of the data they have as their disposal. More on this thought below….

As one of the biggest companies in the world, you’d think that UPS would embrace independent auditors, right? After all, they pride themselves on on-time deliveries and their ultra-efficient supply chain. So wouldn’t unbiased, independent technology just bolster their brand.

Not exactly. 

In fact, UPS employs a number of tactics to dissuade their customers from using third party tools and auditors. In reality, UPS looks down on the parcel auditing industry as a whole. 

So why does such a big company like UPS care? Because it’s all about the money. Auditing technology and services, like Lojistic, returns money to the shipper or customer. All of that is money that UPS Quantum View would otherwise keep. 

UPS does everything they can to keep their customers. Like every other business ever, they’re focused on both acquisition and retention. One of the many, many tools they have in their customer retention tool belt tis to try and convince them that an auditing service is unnecessary. That’s the whole point of UPS Quantum View. UPS Quantum view is a way for UPS to deter their customers from using an independent platform like Lojistic. Lojistic does much more than just audit UPS invoices, however, audit is a popular feature that thousands of UPS customers have leveraged to recover their eligible refunds and get a better understanding of the true nature of their relationship with UPS. With Lojistic, audit is always free. 

What Is UPS Quantum View?

UPS Quantum View is a tracking and a visibility tool. According to the UPS website, Quantum View “gives larger businesses full visibility of your high volume, small package shipments.” UPS Quantum View allows you to track outbound and inbound shipments, as well as third-party shipments. It's a way to see if your shipments are arriving or delivered when they're supposed to be.

Comparing It to Lojistic's Audit & Refund Recovery Solution

UPS will often suggest that their customers use their software instead of a 3rd party auditor. But everyone needs to understand that these are two completely different things. UPS Quantum View is a tracking and a visibility tool. The Lojistic platform has an audit feature that automatically scans your UPS invoices for mistakes and service failures. Our technology is completely impartial and that's part of the reason we give it away for free.  Lojistic's auditing feature will ensure that your invoices are accurate. If they aren't, or when a mistake or service failure is identified, Lojistic will quantify the impact that invoice issues are having on your business. 

So we're looking for things like late shipments, misapplied accessorial fees and a bunch of other potential invalid charges on your invoices.  And our platform does it automatically and for free.

The UPS Quantum View is a tracking tool, so don't rely on UPS Quantum View to ensure you're being accurately charged for the shipments you're purchasing.   It's like letting the fox guarding the hen house. The UPS tracking tool is a great visibility tool for managing all your shipments. But it is not a tool to use to audit your UPS shipping invoices.

Interested in seeing how much UPS owes you in potential refunds? Create your Lojistic account today. It's free. 

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