Freight Audit Services Can Help Your Business Save on Shipping Author: Jared Fisher
August 27, 2011

Besides helping you get the available discounts, a freight audit services provider can assist you to lower your shipping costs. Though FedEx and UPS are reliable, there are instances when they make erroneous billings because of certain factors. Late deliveries, incorrect accessorial charges and address correction charges are some of the causes of these errors. If you go through your shipping invoice, you may not see these mistakes but professional shipping auditors can.

A keen review of your invoice either as pre or post-audit will ensure that your costs are accurate and you do not pay for unnecessary charges. Professional shipping auditors will also file for refund claims on your behalf in case of late deliveries. Usually, there is a guarantee for such a ‘failure in service’ though it takes some legwork to get the 100% refund. With freight audit services, you will be assured of the refund in the shortest time possible thus saving you cash and time.

Accessorial charges can also be renegotiated on your behalf by specialists like Source Consulting. Even if you had a contract with the shipping company, there is a possibility of reviewing and readjusting it to help you save on shipping costs. The auditor typically charges on contingency basis, i.e. you only pay for the services if they manage to help you save off your shipping.

Examples Of How You Can Lower Your Shipping Costs

If your company is among the many large volume shippers suffering the high shipping costs charged by FedEx or UPS, you may be suffering high charges due to lack of information.

To help you save money, here are a few secrets about what UPS and FedEx don't want you to know and some great examples of areas how freight audit services can be of use!

UPS Overcharges on Declared Value Protection – You can use a third party shipping insurance company to help reduce shipping costs. With the insurer’s services, you can save upward of 60% on Declared Value protection.

Wrong Packaging, Higher Charges – The shipment packaging that you choose and significantly impact the cost of shipping. Spend time making sure that you choose wisely.

Next Day Air Shipping is a Expensive – Did you think that this option is faster than ground services? Not always. Sometime a ground service will have the same guarantee as an overnight express service.

Shipping Discounts are Available – You can get discounts on shipment costs. A freight audit company can help you know what level of discounts to ask for.

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