FedEx and UPS Discounts: Audit to Save on Freight and Parcel Costs

Jared Fisher

August 22, 2011


In the current, uncertain economic environment, when fuel costs are constantly fluctuating, corporations can overspend thousands of dollars with national carriers like UPS and FedEx. Many executives are unaware that they can achieve substantial costs savings simply by monitoring and challenging UPS and FedEx on-time delivery guarantees and taking advantage of FedEx and UPS discounts.

An internal audit by one of these consulting companies can assist large volume shippers with ensuring the accuracy of their carrier's billing.
Parcel and freight auditors help companies in the following ways:

-Take advantage of FedEx and UPS discounts

-Identify areas where over billing may occur, such as add-on fees after initial delivery charges have been billed

-Conduct a 42-point audit to identify all freight billing errors and ensure each freight invoice is error free, including surcharges, duplicate charges and packages with no proof of delivery

-Conduct a thorough analysis of negotiated shipping rates to determine potential areas of improvement

-Also provide audits for LTL, ocean and air freight

-Assist with contract re-negotiations once opportunity for cost savings is identified

Many of these consulting companies' services are guaranteed to save corporations money because they are provided on a contingency basis. That's right: If the freight auditing services do not identify savings for their clients, then the services are provided at no cost.

Former shipping and freight employees possess a tremendous reservoir of knowledge and high-level expertise in parcel carrier practices, and these employees comprise the majority of staff at most freight auditing firms. The consultants also utilize innovative shipping rate diagnostic and logistics technology, which allow auditors to maximize small parcel shipping and freight cost savings.

Source Consulting, has published a complimentary special report titled "5 Secrets UPS and FedEx Don't Want You to Know." This free report highlights the tips and tricks industry experts have identified on how to reduce the extraneous costs of shipping and maximize FedEx and UPS discounts.

Source also has an eight-minute online demonstration on how companies can significantly reduce shipping costs.

Some consultants offer a no-risk trial of their parcel audit services, which can be done easily and seamlessly. These trial audits are non-invasive to a firm's current operations and can be easily incorporated into a company's current processes. Inquire with the consultant's sales or marketing department to determine if a trial offer is an option.

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