Freight Auditing Services and Your Shipping Invoice Nightmares Author: akecskes
May 14, 2011

Keeping track of endless shipping charges can be a nightmare. If you ship thousands or even hundreds of small packages every month, it's time you looked into freight auditing services. Dealing with an avalanche of invoices and mountains of data can make it very challenging to keep your shipping costs under control. If you're buried under piles of paperwork, you don’t have time to perform UPS or FedEx shipping refunds auditing, exploit parcel discount opportunities, or boost your shipping efficiency.

Freight company overcharges, duplicate billings, and late deliveries are costly and can drain your finances. If your freight invoicing functions are being performed manually, you forfeit additional monies through inefficiencies, added labor, misplaced paperwork for parcel discounts and other oversights.

Freight auditing services can make a difference. A freight audit company can show you if there are overcharges on your parcel freight invoices. Typically, 1-6 percent of all small parcel charges are eligible for a refund. Most freight carrier contracts ensure service quality via a “Money-Back Guarantee.” If you're not tracking your carrier’s performance on a daily basis, that guarantee is meaningless.

To remain competitive in today's uncertain economy, you need accurate, timely and customized parcel shipping reports that address your specific business needs. These analyses should be simple and easy to use, so that you can keep abreast of your shipping activity and properly manage your freight expenses as well as parcel discount opportunities. Freight auditing services will help.

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