Holiday Shipping Guide: Shipping Deadline Dates Author: Nathan Wheadon
November 16, 2020

It’s a modern-day Christmas morning dilemma.

You found the perfect gift online. You’re excited to see their reaction when they open it on Christmas morning. You place the order and keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be delivered on time.

There’s no guarantee, but you take the chance.

Then doubt starts to kick-in and you second guess your decision. “Maybe I ordered it too late?” “What should I do if it doesn’t come in time?”

So, you devise a Plan B. You print out a picture of the gift, put it in a box and wrap it up.

“That’ll do, they’ll understand.”

Christmas morning arrives. You’re keeping your eye on that gift. Finally, it’s about to get opened, so you chime in… “Now after you open this one, I’ll explain.”

You see the reaction, but you know it’s not what you had hoped.

“Sorry, it couldn’t be delivered in time.”


With Lojistic’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Shipping Deadline Dates for Delivery by Christmas, you and your customers can avoid this dilemma. Take the stress out of knowing when you need to get packages out the door, or when you need to place your order.

Those who rely on UPS, FedEx and USPS can take note of the key dates listed below. The guide lists each date and the corresponding level of service required for delivery by December 25thClick here or on the image below view the guide in your browser & download your free copy.

2020 Lojistic Holiday Shipping Guide

Use your Lojistic account to monitor your seasonal shipping trends and expenses. With increased holiday shipping volume and a number of new surcharges/fees currently in effect, it’s likely that your carrier invoices will contain errors.

Your Lojistic account will automatically track those errors and provide the information you’ll need to submit for refunds. Or, you can always have Lojistic chase down refunds on your behalf.

Don’t have a Lojistic account? Create your free Lojistic account today.

Happy shipping & Happy Holidays!

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