2021 UPS & FedEx General Price Increase Author: Nathan Wheadon
November 17, 2020

UPS and FedEx announced a General Price Increase (GPI) of 4.9% for 2021, which means your shipping rates with both carriers will be more expensive come January. This increase comes after a turbulent year for shippers – and a historically profitable year for UPS and FedEx.

2021 Lojistic GPI Whitepaper

Get the details on the 2021 GPI with Lojistic’s UPS & FedEx General Price Increase History Whitepaper. Our GPI History whitepaper outlines price increases over the past decade. During that time, ground tariff rates have increased 74.9% while air tariff rates have increased 75.7%! We also provide details on the surcharge and fee increases that have impacted parcel shippers the most.

The 4.9% GPI is consistent with the rate increases UPS and FedEx have implemented over the past several years; however, in 2020, UPS and FedEx rolled out several new mid-year surcharges and eliminated a shipper’s ability to file for late shipments…despite record profits.

Throughout that same time period shippers were forced to grapple with an ever-changing business environment while battling growing expenses.

When you combine all of these factors, it begs the question: how much more expensive will shipping with UPS and FedEx be?

The advertised GPI can be misleading because it’s an average and further, the 4.9% increase only applies to weight/zone rates for Air, Ground and International services. This means the actual increase will vary according to each shipper’s unique characteristics.

GPI GraphsDownload your free UPS & FedEx General Price Increase History Whitepaper.

Shippers also need to know that the GPI doesn’t factor in the increases to all of the accessorial surcharges, which are typically much higher than the 4.9% average.

Lojistic can help shippers like you mitigate the growing cost of doing business with UPS and FedEx. Not sure whether to push back or concede? Create a free Lojistic account today to get the information necessary to monitor and measure the impact of the carriers’ upcoming price increase to your business.

As always, if you need support in determining how this increase will affect your business or you’d like to discuss strategies to help mitigate the 2021 GPI, we’re here to help.

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