Inspiration in the Logistics & Supply Chain Community

Author: T Nguyen
July 13, 2012

Although the supply chain industry is fairly traditional, there is constant opportunity for innovation and further education as both the community and the technologies around us continue to change at a rapid rate.  Sometimes, the best education can come from those who have themselves learned from prior experience.  In this blog post, we’ll explore a few different companies that have been able to create good and positive developments in the supply chain community.


Goya Foods creates different Latin American products and condiments and is one of the largest in it’s industry, making over 1,600 products.  With such a huge array of products from a wide spectrum of countries, it’s supply chains have their work cut out for them.  They utilized a third party software system to help manage and scale their logistics from order optimization to demand control.  Goya recognized the overbearing problem of a massive scale without the right management tools and took time to choose the right technology software for their database.


Infraredtab helps to control seafood levels and keep them safe and fresh throughout the world for various businesses.  Due to the varied amount of products they sell and the complexity of managing different metrics such as temperature, Infraedtab looked to two innovative technologies to combine with it’s tab system - an electronic product code and near field communication technology used in several popular devices.  What this allows the company to do is allow their customers to easily receive and record the fishes they receive to the actual fishers to identify GPS locations of traps and figure out the quantity of the day’s catch through software than through a manual headcount.  The result is happy customers both from the government who can effectively regulate the supply to the businesses who can increase their output and quality.


Ergologistics creates the product Lift n’ Buddy, which is a mobile lifting device that is both durable and functional with automatic lifting/lowering.  The common use that many may think is in warehouses and factories where such heavy lifting is necessary but it has also found an audience within hotels and restaurants in which heavy lifting is required but a huge lift cannot be utilized.  Here, even a much different type of ‘logistics’ can be given help with traditional thinking and a small tweak in design.

Source Consulting looks for inspiration within the industry while creating innovative shipping technology products such as Halo and Intelliship. Helping to reduce shipping costs for customers and to streamline shipping processes are two of our main goals for our customers.  We hope that your business will also strive to do the same.  Learn and be inspired by great stories such as these and then create a good story yourself.

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