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Lojistic gives you unprecedented clarity so you can make more profit.

Our platform automatically pulls in all your historical shipping activity. We keep your UPS and FedEx shipping info organized in one place so you can easily access it and always know what’s going on.

Your Lojistic account will immediately identify specific and general opportunities where you can save money.

You'll be able to view all high level good-to-know info, like shipment quantities, cost per pound, cost per shipment and how dimensional pricing may be affecting your bottom-line – you’ll have all the answers when you need them.

Lojistic shows how your money was spent from many different perspectives. The occurrence of avoidable surcharges, cost/volume by carrier service level and the impact of dimensional weight exceeding actual shipment weight all becomes clear.

If there’s a way for you to save money on shipping, Lojistic will show you!

The Lojistic platform illuminates where you can save money immediately.

You'll instantly see carrier surcharges that hit you the hardest, so you can make adjustments to minimize cost in the future.

Once your carriers are connected, you'll be able to use Lojistic as a tool to help you get better shipping rates.

Optimize warehouse locations by identifying costs and opportunities.

Lojistic will audit your bills for free and display all potential refunds that your carriers owe you!

Once your carriers are securely connected, the software automatically shows you all the errors, duplicates and service failures that are on your bills. 

These are charges where the carriers should give you a refund. 

Lojistic will give you all the info you need to go get the money that's owed to you! Or, if you want, we can go get it for you - we’ll even do it for free (ask us how)!

Lojistic keeps your shipping and distribution activity organized like never before!

Of course, Lojistic keeps all your shipping data in one place, providing you a perfect view of everything in your world of logistics...

It also gives you the ability to manage/monitor your employees and vendors who are spending your money on shipping!

With our clear and intuitive dashboards, Lojistic will help you forecast costs and trends, manage budgets and always keep you one step ahead.

Lojistic will make your life far easier by providing you an unprecedented level of organization, along with world-class insights and big savings.

Unlimited Reports, Users, and "Perspectives"!

Reports are a breeze! Create incredible dynamic visual representations of your shipping activity and costs as you filter information and then instantly download, send to colleagues and/or save as a report template for future use.

Connect as many users as you like! Enable the people on your team to leverage insights related to your company’s distribution volume and costs so they can make smart, informed decisions.

Lojistic “Perspectives” literally change the way you see your business. Beautiful and simple analytics will transform your shipping data into understandable, meaningful and actionable information.

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There is no "paid version" of Lojistic after you create a free account. We let you use the unlimited version, 100% free!

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Lojistic is 100% Free And Always Will Be

You may be wondering how and why we made Lojistic free for all our users - it's a good question.

Here at Lojistic we believe in providing extraordinary value right from the get-go. Some of our users then choose to enlist our services:

  • Parcel Audit Services
  • Carrier Rate Negotiation
  • Transportation Analytics
  • Wholesale Shipping Rates
  • Freight Management
  • Shipping & Tracking (TMS) Software

Enlisting our services is not a requirement for using the Lojistic platform, but if you need some help we'd certainly hope that you'll consider giving us a ring.

If you'd prefer to speak with someone right away, give us a call or click here to fill out our contact form.

Who Is Lojistic For?

If you care how much your company spends on shipping, Lojistic was made for you.

Gain visibility over your shipping performance & cost structure.

Gain visibility over your shipping performance & cost structure.

Easily identify recoverable credits & pursue refunds.

Easily identify recoverable credits & pursue refunds.

Get centralized visibility & reporting to carrier service levels.

Get centralized visibility & reporting to carrier service levels.

Report on carrier service levels & ensure your rates are best in class.

Report on carrier service levels & ensure your rates are best in class.

Want a quick look under the hood?

Monitor and resolve correctable errors and fees.

Instantly illuminate carrier billing errors and service failures.

Monitor and compare trends in your use of the carrier's air and ground services.

Quantify and track the impact of the carrier's surcharge fees.

Easily quantify shipping volume from any state to all states.

Better understand fluctuations in your shipping costs.

Know and track volatility in your cost of shipping per pound.

What People Say About Lojistic

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Wow, Lojistic really organizes the shipping data amazingly for us. FedEx and UPS sites are so bad when trying to pull data together. Lojistic converts that mess into easily digestible and quickly accessible information.

Controller, Toshiba

We have been running significantly more freight this year, saving considerable dollars and improving visibility on our whole supply chain. A large part of our success in this area is due to Lojistic.

CFO, Man Crates

I wish we had found Lojistic years ago. We had no idea how much money we could be saving. At least we're saving it now... thanks to Lojistic.

VP Operations, Christian Louboutin

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