Logistics Software: Expenses Marked Down and Profit Increased

Author: Gary McKenzie
March 28, 2019

Logistics Software and What It Does

One of the things about the logistics software is the easy way that we allow people to sign up for audit. One of the things we allow you to do from our website is sign up create an account. You can then connect your carriers.

And from that point on we begin auditing all your parcel carriers. So you can set up your UPS or FedEx and other carriers. You can see the results of that audit. The other thing that we also do that a lot of folks don't do is we will tell you exactly what we find. This is before any agreement between yourself and our company ever happens. We'll show you all the analytics that we provide. We will show you the audit results that we have. And if you want to hire us to go chase those credits for you and get your money back, we'll do that too. But it's not required.

Key Differences

Consider one of the key differences in our audit platform. We offer instant analytics for what you're spending right now. We'll also go back and look at your historical shipments that you've made. It could be that they were never audited. But we'll bring those forward and include them in the analytics. The decisions you make today affect what you pay tomorrow. So we make sure that you have a hundred percent of the information available to you. Our platform does that.

One of the ways we support clients who sign up for our platform is that our people and software analyze the data. There are some of the opportunities that save money. This is what we're in business to do for you. Also, one of the ways that we do this is to analyze and determine from your data. Based on our experience and our algorithms we can see exactly where you can save money on shipping. Some of that we can offer right away to you through the platform. Prospectives, as we call them, are us reaching out to you saying, hey we found something.

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