Freight Bill Audit: Tested as the Sure Fire Way to Success

Author: Gary McKenzie
April 02, 2019

Freight Bill Audit Benefits

There is a primary benefit of using a freight bill audit. That is to understand exactly where you are spending your money. Your more reputable auditors will offer GL coding as well. So within your accounting, you can make sure that you divide your costs. That provides perfect insight from financial statements to your operations. You would know exactly where the money's going.

Another primary benefit is to have all your spending information in one place. It's more usual to use a lot of resources to figure out what you're spending. There's more effort to figure what your actual landed cost is to serve your customers. It requires a lot of different people from a lot of different systems. You would need a good analysis to figure out exactly how that ties to the core business. Using a third party auditor makes sure that 100% of that information is in one place. So, your data is in one place and your answers are there too.

The Primary Difference is Reporting

The primary difference with Lojistic is in our reporting. We understand exactly what information is necessary for you. We know what you need to pay your bills and understand where your costs are going. But also to make sound business decisions.

There are those who have been in the freight bill audit business for a very long time. And they have extensive experience in understanding what the customer's needs actually are. They also need to have the flexibility as we do to provide custom reporting for your specific needs. You should also have access to see exactly what they're doing. 100% transparency is very important when working with a third party auditor. You need to see what they're doing. You need to be able to trust the information you're getting. By taking a look behind the scenes, as we provide, you're assured that we're doing a good job.

The primary tool that you have when you hire a third-party auditor is visibility to what they're doing. Every auditor will provide you reports. Every auditor will tell you this is what you need to pay your carriers. Or for those making the payment, this is what you need to fund for them to make that payment. But the primary tool that you have is visibility. So a company such as Lojistic, offer you a complete insight into the back office of what we're doing. You can see it in real time. We'll even track your freight from origin to destination. We can show you, on screen, through a login for you, so you can see your entire supply chain in one shot.

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