Lojistic Platform Tutorial Video: UPS, FedEx & DHL Cost Savings Opportunities Author: Nathan Wheadon
June 03, 2021

If your business is struggling to control growing shipping costs, or you’re looking for ways to reduce your UPS, FedEx and/or DHL expenses, but you don’t know where to start, use Lojistic.

The Lojistic platform was developed for all UPS, FedEx and DHL shippers.  One of the biggest problems plaguing businesses that ship is, they don’t know what their issues are.

There’s a lot of services and software available – at a cost – that will help solve supply chain and shipping issues. But this begs the question: how do you solve for an issue that you don’t know you have? Why would you pay for a solution if you aren’t 100% sure you even have a problem?

So often, we’ve helped businesses control and reduce shipping costs AFTER they’ve already paid someone else. That’s because Lojistic platform users can access their historical shipping data for free. The platform will identify your costly issues and where inefficiencies may be occurring.  In other words, Lojistic will let you know if you have a shipping issue or not. And, more importantly, Lojistic will quantify the severity of your issue.

With Lojistic, you’ll know whether you have a problem or not. You’ll know how much that problem is costing you. You’ll know how much you could potentially save. And, you’ll know how to solve for the issue.  All of that information is totally free.

We created a demo Lojistic account to give everyone the chance to navigate through our platform themselves, but we also put together this helpful Tutorial Video as a high-level explanation of what the platform can do.

View the video below or on YouTube here.

If you’re looking to offset UPS rate increases, FedEx rate increases, or you feel like you’re paying way too much to have freight or parcel packages shipped create a free Lojistic account to confirm your suspicions.

The Lojistic platform will even audit all of your invoices for free. With Lojistic, audit is just one of many features available. If you’re currently paying someone else to audit your UPS bill or FedEx bills, you’re paying too much. Do it for free with Lojistic.

Lojistic will also confirm whether or not you’re getting the contracted discount you were promised from your carrier. One of the biggest opportunities to save is to optimize your current UPS or FedEx agreement. We can also help with that. But, before you pay anyone to look at your carrier agreement, connect to the Lojistic platform to quantify your savings opportunity.

With shipping rates at an all-time high, most businesses struggle to control shipping costs and are unknowingly being overcharged for shipping.

We believe every shipper in America deserves 4 things:

  1. On-demand access to YOUR shipping data
  2. Best in class technology to analyze your shipping data and identify areas of overspend
  3. Accurate carrier invoicing
  4. Optimized carrier pricing

Data reveals most companies are 0 for 4. Lojistic is a free cost savings automation and analytics platform that solves these issues and helps businesses control and reduce shipping costs.

If you’re ready to send costs packing, we’re here to help! Contact us here or schedule a call to chat about your shipping cost reduction needs.

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