Mobile Apps to Ease Shipping Troubles

Author: T Nguyen
October 10, 2012

Shipping solutions can sometimes feel like more trouble than they’re worth. We know it, and so do you; but this doesn’t have to be the case for the upstart or the entrepreneur. Since the world has grown into an increasingly digital marketplace, more and more solutions to shipping woes are emerging. The legacy shipping giants (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.) already have proprietary applications that aid users in tracking and managing their shipments, but these can be less than helpful for the small business owner who ships across multiple agencies.

We’ve put together a short list of third-party apps for your tablet and/or smartphone that pack a hefty punch.

JumpTrack (Android and iOS)

If you’re a company that does its own shipping, JumpTrack might be the app for you. Jump Track is a simple, yet powerful proof-of-delivery app that helps easily track deliveries while improving delivery fleet productivity and lowering costs. With its cloud-based delivery management system, customers can sign with their fingertip and soon after have proof of delivery information, complete with driver notes and photos, emailed directly to their accounts payable department.

It does require a license fee of $75 per route, but prices may be flexible for smaller inventoried fleets.

Package Buddy (Android only)

With 60+ carriers and shipping companies supported, Package Buddy could arguably be best bet for the Android-only crowd. The most useful features include QR code scanning and generation, the ability to share shipping information with anyone from within the app, and its highly specific package filtering options.

This app is only $2 for the ad-free version (free for the basic) and syncs between multiple devices for no additional cost (so long they are linked to the same Google Account).

Delivery Status Touch (iOS only)
This iOS only app, handsomely designed with easy to read maps, helps to keep track of all your parcels--outgoing and incoming.  By adding tracking numbers, the app will generate a list including all of your packages and count down the days before arrival.

With a $4.99 price point, software developer Junecloud has included a desktop widget so that switching between computer and mobile device is near seamless. Support to track international shipments as well as those from Apple and Amazon are also standard.

Parcel Tracker (Windows Phone)
For all of the businesses that use Windows software, Parcel Tracker will feel somewhat familiar because it utilizes the new “metro style” interface that allows users to bookmark and quickly find pertinent shipping information without a lengthy search.

For $2.49 Parcel Tracker supports 65+ shipping agencies and barcode scanning. Available solely for the Windows Phone.

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