2019 UPS and FedEx General Rate Increase

2019 UPS and FedEx General Rate Increase

It's that time of the year again...you know the time when UPS and FedEx rolls out their annual general rate increase! Happy holidays indeed!

Over the past decade (2009-2019), UPS and FedEx ground tariff rates have increased 76.6% while air tariff rates have increased 81.6%. As usual, these numbers do not take into account the accessorial increases or the impact of the size-to-weight related charge changes both carriers continue to make.

How do these changes affect your bottom line?  Of course, the impact to you will vary according to your specific shipping profile (e.g. service level usage, zone density, etc) and distribution model.

Find out more by downloading our revised white-paper:

2019 UPS FedEx General Price Increase History