General Rate Increase Guide

UPS & FedEx General Rate Increase

Whether your business is large or small, it can be difficult to clearly define how increased shipping prices have cut into your bottom line over time. A complete shipping price report can help you get the full picture as to the way in which growing UPS parcel and freight rates and FedEx parcel and freight rates make your shipping contracts and other overhead expenses far greater than they were previously. Such information is invaluable for charting a strategy to hold down your shipping prices and increase your profit margin.

On this page, Lojistic offers a report that provides a thorough overview of how UPS rates and FedEx rates have changed over the past several years. Our extensive experience in parcel management and LTL/Truckload management is brought to bear in this shipping price report, allowing us to highlight the information that will be most pertinent to the majority of companies that use UPS and FedEx services. By identifying the main factors that affect shipping costs, it becomes easier to manage the future trends in shipping prices.

In addition to this helpful shipping price report, Lojistic also offers valuable freight audit services and parcel audit services that can help you find where you may have been overcharged for shipping in the past and even receive refunds of your UPS freight rates, UPS parcel rates, FedEx freight rates and FedEx parcel rates. View or download your free shipping rate increase report. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out by phone at 800-783-5753 or via our contact form. And if you're looking to offset carrier rate increases, create your free Lojisitic account today!

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