FedEx Waivers Exposed By Fooled Customers This Year

Author: Jared Fisher
July 03, 2019

FedEx Waivers Cause The Company To Lose Customers

FedEx waivers are something that people often overlook and can cause you to lose money. For those of you shipping with FedEx, I want to inform you of a recent contractual trend that's on the rise. It jeopardizes your right to late delivery refunds when FedEx misses their commitment.

In carrier terminology, FedEx refers to this as a money-back guarantee waiver. Lately, FedEx has been adding money-back guarantee waivers as a standard practice. This includes new and revised pricing agreements. So, this is all to limit your ability to recover refunds for shipments that do not deliver on time.

How Can FedEx Do This?

When challenged, FedEx could say they need to limit their service failure refunds. They might say this is necessary to give discounts and maintain their proper ability. Now, signing a waiver of late shipment guarantees is not necessary or advisable. This only serves their best interest if you can see their waiver.

I have worked in the parcel industry for over two decades. I can say that FedEx's ability with any customer is not continued on them honoring their time of transit. Even regardless of the level of discounts. Your customers count on you to ensure their order delivers on time. Also, you have that same right to expect that your carrier holds themselves to the same standard.

 Does Your Agreement Include A FedEx Waiver?

Now, here's what to look for within FedEx agreements. FedEx will add waivers in a section entitled "Money back guaranteed." But, we're starting to see it buried under "United States" price and provisions. Now, it's worth noting that it can appear in either the ground or express part or both of the FedEx agreement. Now, when in doubt, Lojistic is available to review any carrier agreement before signing, at no cost to you. Please lean on us to ensure that you are not stripped of your right to refunds for late deliveries by FedEx.

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