Integrating Transportation Software and Technology to Reducing Shipping Costs Author: T Nguyen
April 09, 2012

Technological innovations grows at a quick rate with new announcements and progress happening nearly every single week.  However, integrating new transportation software is difficult at times, especially in industries that have been in business for quite a while and more averse to changes.  The shipping industry seems very straightforward and the technological innovations readily apparent; however, there is more than just an online tracking code and digital orders that can help you reduce your shipping costs.

One key innovation is what many people use daily - the Internet.  However, this focus goes beyond just the superficiality of our day-to-day Internet usage but the importance of social media and the up-to-date news.  As suggested in another article, social media is not just a channel for open discussion - it can be a risk that can affect industries and businesses including the carriers.  Make sure to actually utilize and pay attention to social media and aggregate news channels to stay above upcoming challenges as well as bracing for potential hazards.

New technology and transportation software that streamlines your communication can be another important area to help reduce shipping costs in the long haul.  By streamlining your communication from your management to supply chain, your company can potentially save money in the long term.  New technological innovations make this possible such as the cloud, in which information can be inputted at any time and accessible wherever there is an Internet connection.  Current technology is restrictive, not allowing a clear line of communication - companies that utilize cloud technology can speak with other businesses and customers easily and smoothly.

Source Consulting also has innovative, new transportation software to help reduce shipping costs for customers.  We have released two new pieces of great software for our customers that can help streamline and simplify the shipping process.  Halo, for instance, is a multi-carrier visibility system that helps transportation managers see all shipments from all carriers on a single screen and identifies important shipments.  Much in line with the new rise of tablets and smartphones, Halo is viewable on any smart device from your desktop to your iPad.

Understanding these innovations makes sure you are up-to-date with modern-day technology and helps your company succeed and reduce shipping costs in the long run.

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