On the History of Logistics and Supply Chains

Author: T Nguyen
April 13, 2012

Although we should always be aiming at the future, what is equally as important is to understand our past history and progression of how a concept has evolved and the lessons we can learn of it.  A historical outlook of supply chains and logistics, however, seems relatively difficult to pinpoint down to key moments.  Luckily, Supply Chain and Observer created an intuitive and clean visual timeline infographic, which you can view below.

As you can see from this infographic, technology and supply chain/logistics concepts evolved hand-in-hand, helping each other to move forward.  Logistics academia is also shown in a slow evolution from the first mention of logistics in 1919 to only the recent adoption of supply chain managers in 2010.  Additionally, supply chains and logistics have played a very concealed role in many industries but has slowly gained in exposure and interest over the past years, making for a fascinating transition.

Source Consulting is a part of the vast spectrum of businesses and people within logistics and supply chain management.  Our business is to help create opportunities for reducing shipping costs for businesses involved with carriers and produce lasting solutions for future shipping opportunities.  How does your business fit into the historical legacy of logistics and supply chain management?

[Thanks to Ben and Supply Chain and Observer for sharing this great infographic with us!]

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Source : http://www.scm-operations.com

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