The Necessity of Logistics & Freight Auditing Companies in a Global eCommerce World Author: T Nguyen
September 06, 2012

In a span of less than two decades, the Internet has managed to completely change the way we buy and sell goods and services. Can you recall a time when you couldn’t just hop on your computer and buy tickets to an event, apply for a job or even calculate shipping costs? If it seems like a hazy memory, that’s probably because we are all completely enveloped in the world of eCommerce. All of this buying, selling and fulfilling of shipments requires efficient planning, implementation and execution of the movement of goods and information. Logistics and freight auditing companies provide much needed services to enhance these efficiencies.

Before the days of eCommerce, consumers were bearing the costs of moving goods from the store to their homes. Now, this segment of the supply chain has been highly integrated into the freight fulfillment process, which involves more packaging and pounds of freight transported. In response to this trend, there has been a rise in logistics and freight auditing companies who help high volume shippers to reduce shipping costs and smooth out the wrinkles in their logistics processes with services like shipping contract negotiation and access to advanced transportation software. Some of the additional benefits of these mutually-beneficial relationships include the reduced need for costly personnel, enhanced customer service, accelerated cycle times, and a marked increase in savings.

Source Consulting has a high degree of expertise in the area of freight auditing and logistics. Our employees boast years of shipping industry experience and a high amount of knowledge in the areas of parcel auditing, carrier negotiations, and supply chain solutions. If your company is looking to cut costs, consider the concentrated expertise of logistics consulting and freight auditing companies.

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