Comparing FedEx and UPS Services Author: akecskes
March 06, 2011

If you ship anything on a regular basis, you probably know that the two biggest competitive small parcel package carriers in the U.S. are UPS and FedEx services. Both have earned quite a reputation in the small parcel shipping business. And both have pulled out all the stops to gain your trust and your business.  If you want to compare FedEx and UPS services, here are some things that may help you decide:


They try to live up to their slogan: “What can Brown do for you?” and their logo--a golden shield--is meant to imply security over your packages. But when the "rubber hits the road," UPS has the lion's share of land vehicles--over 25,000. This helps them handle up to 150 pound packages. If your package is over 70 pounds, you may save on shipping costs compared to using FedEx services. They also provide international delivery services via their own airlines. On the downside, UPS services will often just leave your package on the porch or entrance if no one answers the door. They also have a higher priority for business as opposed to individuals. And, in some respects, they offer fewer accommodations than FedEx.


Their slogan “Relax, its FedEx” is meant to assuage any concerns that their land transportation is weaker than that of UPS. Of course, when you compare FedEx and UPS services, FedEx makes up for their less than massive land fleet with an impressive 672 aircraft that reach over 375 airports. Like UPS, FedEx delivers packages worldwide; however, FedEx rates work a bit different--they add a surcharge to packages weighing more than 70 pounds. In terms of interfacing with the customer, FedEx services are more people oriented, with a friendlier office environment. Another significant plus is that FedEx insists on a signature when delivering a package.  If no one answers the door, they leave a note, or they come back later to ensure your package is personally delivered.

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