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  • Ongoing carrier audit

    Instantly audit parcel, LTL, and FTL invoices for late shipments, invoice errors, damaged/lost packages, duplicate charges, and other invalid carrier charges.
  • Refunds recovered

    Automatically secure refunds. Our advanced process works continuously to eliminate invalid charges from your carrier invoices.
  • Automated GL coding

    Our system will automatically code shipping costs according to your company's unique accounting rules.
  • Carrier invoices paid

    Lojistic handles all carrier invoice and payment activity—auditing, recovering refunds, coding, and paying invoices—to ensure an accurate and efficient process.
  • Shipping rebate

    Earn a 0.5% rebate on all transportation spend paid by a Lojistic credit card.
  • Data history

    Shipping data is visible in your account for a rolling 90 days at no cost. You can add 5 years of data storage for $30/month, or select any paid plan to have 5 years of data included.
  • Refund reporting

    Detailed reporting in your account provides a breakdown of all potential and approved carrier refunds.
  • Included in every plan

  • All carriers visible in one place

    Support for your parcel, LTL, and FTL carriers. View and manage the details of your shipping history with all carriers in one consolidated, user-friendly platform.
  • Insights to optimize carrier contract

    Leverage your Lojistic account to gain clear and actionable insights to confidently negotiate and improve your carrier contracts.
  • Comprehensive reporting suite

    Create custom reports and easily schedule them to be sent to your inbox on a recurring basis. Manage all aspects of your shipping operations with the information you need.
  • Saving opportunities dashboard

    Eliminate unnecessary fees. Recover costs. Further optimize operations. Your Lojistic account identifies the opportunities and supports your execution.
  • Automatically download invoices

    All your shipping invoices from all carriers in one central hub – accessed directly from the Lojistic platform, scheduled to your inbox in batches, and/or electronically fed to your accounting system through automation.
  • Lojistic API

    Use the Lojistic API as a single point of access to normalized shipping invoice and tracking data for all your carriers.
  • Unlimited users

    Add unlimited team members to your Lojistic account.

Invoice Audit

  • 90 days

  • Opportunity reporting


Audit & Recovery

  • 5 years

  • Approval reporting



Carriers Paid By ACH

  • 5 years

  • Approval reporting




Carriers Paid By Credit card

  • 5 years

  • Approval reporting


Manage Shipping Invoices

Your free Lojistic account actively audits your shipping invoices.

Audit Invoices

Use Lojistic to find errors for free.


Recover Refunds

DIY or have Lojistic do it for you.

Pay Carriers

Lojistic can handle the entire payment process.

AUDIT FOR FREE Save On Parcel And Freight Bill Auditing

Every business can use their free Lojistic account to find errors and late shipments on their shipping invoices.


TURN ON RECOVERY Invoices Audited & Refunds Recovered

Automatically audit carrier invoices and identify potential refunds, then let Lojistic recover them for you.


PAYMENTS MADE SIMPLE Freight And Parcel Audit & Payment Services

Lojistic can manage the entire carrier payment process.


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Easily compare refunds recovered by your current auditor vs potential refunds detailed in your Lojistic account.

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"But, I Audit My Own Invoices..."

The Lojistic platform was made for you!

If you prefer to chase down refunds yourself, your Lojistic account can function as a free DIY self-audit tool.

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Lojistic will instantly find potential refunds!

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How does Lojistic audit shipping invoices?

Once you connect all your parcel and freight carriers to your Lojistic account, our proprietary software instantly audits your shipping invoices, identifying any errors and potential refund opportunities.

Can my Lojistic account automate refund recovery for me?

Absolutely. Activating Refund Recovery in your Lojistic account engages our comprehensive parcel and freight audit services. This process is automated, from identifying overcharges and service failures to securing refunds, ensuring maximum savings with no effort on your part.

Does Lojistic facilitate payment processing for parcel and freight carriers?

Yes, Lojistic can manage the entire carrier payment process. This includes retrieving all carrier invoices, auditing them for accuracy, applying GL codes, consolidating everything into one simple approval review, and then paying the carriers on your behalf. This comprehensive approach optimizes your freight and parcel shipping invoice cost management.

What plans are available with Lojistic’s audit service?

Lojistic offers tailored plans to suit your needs. These include Invoice Audit, Audit & Recovery, and +PAY, which includes auditing, recovering refunds, cost coding, and payment processing. Each plan offers varying levels of service, from ongoing invoice audits to complete handling of all parcel and freight invoice auditing and carrier payments.

What features are included in every plan?

All plans include insights to optimize carrier contracts, a comprehensive reporting suite, a dashboard for identifying saving opportunities, automatic invoice downloads, access to the Lojistic API, unlimited users, and unlimited instant carrier connections.

Is there a fee for Lojistic's auditing services?

The free Lojistic account enables businesses to audit their shipping invoices at no cost. Additionally, Lojistic offers paid add-ons, such as refund recovery and bill payment. The fees for our add-on services are waived if your invoices are paid using a Lojistic credit card, demonstrating our commitment to freight efficiency and cost savings.

What if I prefer to handle refund recovery myself?

Lojistic provides the necessary tools and details for effective self-audit and refund recovery. Simply download the Refund Opportunity report in your free Lojistic account, which itemizes every invalid charge and invoice error, allowing you to pursue refunds independently and ensuring accuracy on your freight and parcel invoices.

How effective is Lojistic in identifying refund opportunities?

Leveraging our proprietary cutting-edge technology, Lojistic's auditing software reviews all data points related to your freight and parcel shipments. This precision ensures you never have to second-guess your expenses or wonder if you're paying more than you should. Use Lojistic to maximize your savings and enhance your shipping cost management strategy.
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