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Our shipping analytics software is designed to help you find cost-saving opportunities and boost efficiency. With actionable insights from our analytics dashboard, make informed decisions for your shipping operation.

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See Your Past. Improve Your Future.

Lojistic illuminates cost savings opportunities and ways your business can improve operations and enhance your customer's experience. By leveraging historical shipping data, gain a comprehensive understanding of your shipping processes.

Get a New Perspective With Lojistic

Analyze your shipping method, optimize your shipping options, and save on shipping costs.

A Strategic Shipping DecisionAir vs Ground

Sometimes ground service guarantees faster delivery than air.
Could your packages be delivered faster and cheaper?

More about air vs ground

Maximize ProfitsAudit & Refund Recovery

Lojistic instantly identifies every UPS and FedEx invoice error.
Use this information, gleaned from our powerful shipping analytics, to take action and get refunds.

More about refund recovery

Streamlining Your Shipping CostsCost Reduction Opportunities

There's lots of opportunities for you to save money on shipping.
Lojistic visualizes information clearly so you can reduce shipping costs efficiently, offering valuable insights into your shipping service.

More about cost reduction

Ship With Better InformationService Level Usage

Evaluate your use of each carrier's services with our shipping analytics. Get the best service while managing shipping costs and logistics.

More about service usage

Insight into Shipping ExpensesSurcharge Summary

Get a thorough understanding of all carrier surcharges and how they impact your business. Our shipping analytics software provides deep insights into every aspect of your shipping expenses.

More about surcharges

Comprehensive OverviewShipment Activity

Know where your shipping dollars are going. Make adjustments in your shipping operation and save money. Lojistic's analytics dashboard offers a detailed view of your shipment activities, helping you make informed decisions.

More about shipment activity

How can Lojistic’s shipping analytics help my business save on shipping costs?

Lojistic offers a vast array of analytics that require no code to set up. Simply link your carriers using our instant carrier connectors or EDI connectors. Once carriers are linked, you’ll instantly have access to analytics designed to analyze performance, benchmark, optimize business rules, forecast budgets, and identify charges that may be eligible for carrier refunds.

What kind of data can I analyze with Lojistic’s shipping analytics?

Our platform allows you to analyze various aspects of your shipping processes, for example carrier performance, the impact of surcharges, and shipment characteristics. This comprehensive data helps you make informed decisions to improve your shipping operations.

How does Lojistic assist in choosing between air and ground shipping?

Lojistic's Air Vs Ground analytic helps you determine when ground services might offer faster and more cost-effective delivery compared to more expensive air services.

Can Lojistic’s analytics platform identify carrier invoice errors?

Yes, our software instantly identifies invalid charges and carrier errors that may entitle you to a refund. With this information, you can take action to secure refunds, ensuring you're always paying the correct amount.

How does Lojistic’s software provide insights into surcharges?

Our Surcharge Summary analytic offers a categorized analysis of all carrier surcharges and their impact on your business, allowing you to manage these costs and avoid them where possible.

Can I evaluate carrier service level usage with Lojistic?

Absolutely. Lojistic allows you to evaluate your usage of each carrier's services, helping you manage costs and sidestepping the more expensive service levels that may be unnecessary.

What features are included with my free Lojistic Account?

The free account includes access to a suite of analytics, instant carrier connectors, Compare Mode, detailed reporting, the Lojistic API, unlimited users, and more, offering a complete set of tools to manage and reduce shipping costs.

How does the Shipment Activity analytic help my shipping operations?

The Shipment Activity analytic provides a detailed view of where your shipping dollars are going, helping you make adjustments to things like weight and zone for cost savings and efficiency.

How long does it take to create a Lojistic account?

It’s very simple, intuitive, and takes about a minute.
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