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Competitive Rates

Lojistic Marketplace carriers
have deeply discounted rates.

Freight Concierge

Personalized customer service from your
own Lojistic freight management team.

Free TMS

Centralized rating, routing, tracking and
predictive freight management technology.

Invoiced On Delivery

Shipments are invoiced on delivery with
POD and all carrier service documentation.

Free Freight Audit

Each invoice is audited at no additional
cost to ensure carrier billing accuracy.

Predictive Visibility

Proactively respond to transit delays
that will affect your supply chain.

Reporting & Data Management

Transform your supply chain data into
meaningful and actionable information.

What is a freight marketplace?

The Lojistic freight marketplace is an innovative shipping software platform where shippers can purchase discounted freight rates from national and regional carriers. It simplifies your LTL and FTL shipping process by providing a range of options from multiple carriers, ensuring competitive LTL and FTL rates, enhancing flexibility, and optimizing logistics operations. Whether you're looking for a single shipping quote or need a comprehensive solution to manage your freight shipping requirements, our freight marketplace is your go-to resource for streamlined shipping.

What are the advantages of Lojistic’s LTL and FTL rates?

By accessing LTL & FTL rates through a freight marketplace, shippers can compare competitive rates to find the best LTL & FTL carrier rates available, ensuring that they are making cost-effective shipping decisions that match their specific freight requirements.

How many pallets are considered LTL?

Typically, any shipment less than 12-14 pallets or under 15,000 pounds is considered LTL freight. This type of shipment makes up the majority of LTL loads, allowing for more efficient and economical shipping options when full load capacity is not necessary. LTL trucking is a smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their shipping strategies within the freight market without overspending on unused space.

What are the LTL requirements?

The main LTL requirements involve proper packaging and labeling to ensure safety and compliance during transit. LTL loads must be well-packaged to withstand handling and must fit securely on standard pallets. Shippers must also provide accurate LTL freight rate quotes, weight, and dimension details to receive precise LTL quotes. Adhering to these requirements helps ensure that your freight reaches its destination securely and efficiently within the freight market.
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