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Compare Carriers

Do head-to-head comparisons of your carriers.

Want to know which carrier is doing a better job for you... use Compare Mode.

Compare Time Periods

Were you successful in reducing shipping costs?

Did you recently negotiate better shipping rates? Did your carrier implement a rate increase?
Did you start using a new shipping software to better manage your air vs ground service level selections?


Lojistic Compare Mode helps you measure the impact.

Compare Companies

Operating multiple companies or brands? Compare them.

Your Lojistic account enables you to manage multiple companies within your one account.
If you would like to compare the efficiency (or inefficiency) of your companies against one another…use Compare Mode.


Lojistic Compare Mode gives you clarity on where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

What is the Compare Mode feature in my Lojistic account?

Compare Mode enables you to conduct head-to-head comparisons of various aspects of your shipping operations. This includes comparing carriers, time periods, and one of your companies versus another.

How can Compare Mode help inform future choices of which carrier is best to use?

Using Compare Mode, you can perform direct historical comparisons between your carriers. This feature helps identify which carrier is most efficient and cost-effective for your specific shipping needs.

Can I use Compare Mode to track changes in shipping costs over time?

Absolutely. Compare Mode is designed to help you assess how your shipping costs have changed. Whether due to negotiating better rates, carrier price increases, or shifts in your shipping strategy, Compare Mode will illuminate the impact.

Is Compare Mode useful for multiple brands/companies within a portfolio?

Yes, if you operate multiple companies or brands, Compare Mode allows you to contrast the shipping efficiency of one versus another. This feature provides valuable insights into each entity's performance, helping you streamline operations across your business portfolio.

How does Compare Mode assist better carrier service level selection?

By comparing different time periods and strategies, Compare Mode helps you see which choices have led to cost savings, customer satisfaction, and improved logistics.

What insights can I gain from using Lojistic’s Compare Mode?

Lojistic’s Compare Mode offers clarity on the performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of your shipping operations. It aids in identifying trends, making it easier to benchmark and forecast future shipping needs and strategies.

How easy is it to access and use Compare Mode in Lojistic?

Using Compare Mode is as straightforward as clicking a button to activate it. It's available as part of your free Lojistic account, which is very easy to set up.

Are there any additional costs for using Compare Mode?

No, Compare Mode is included as part of your free Lojistic account.
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