Free Lunch? How About A Free Parcel Audit?! Author: Rich Harkey
February 03, 2016

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such thing as a free parcel audit; and chances are, you need one. Virtually every carrier invoice your company receives contains erroneous charges that should be refunded to you.  Most billing errors are the result of human error and oversight, which happens more often than you’d think. Mitigating the costs incurred by these errors can be super time consuming and a real pain in the you know what, but the overcharges amount to much more than mere chump change!

Your carrier deserves to be paid for services rendered and you deserve to be billed accurately. Did you know that mistakes committed by delivery drivers are one of the leading reasons for carrier billing errors?  Does your company have a process in place to validate the legitimacy of every single discount, accessorial fee, and transportation charge appearing on your carrier’s invoice?

For example, invalid address correction charges occur quite frequently and can be easily missed. When entering shipment info, how many times have you written out the word “Street” instead of abbreviating it to “St.”? What about using “Unit 101” instead of “Suite 101”? These are some examples of what could trigger invalid address correction charges. Every time your address doesn’t match that in the carrier’s database, you’ll be charged $12! Address correction fees, along with a bunch of other accessorial charges, can appear on your invoices due to human error somewhere down the line.

Upload an invoice into Audisee, our instant (free) parcel audit, to see how much you could recover by implementing a parcel audit. No cost, no catch, no joke.

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