Going Green: Giving Back for the #GreaterGood

Author: T Nguyen
September 26, 2012

At Source, we set our standards high when it comes to corporate and community responsibility. As residents of Orange County, we are neighbors to some of California’s most beautiful beaches and coastal reserves.  This October, we are giving back to the Newport Beach community and helping take a stand for the Greater Good by volunteering to rehabilitate the Upper Newport Bay.

According to the California Coastal Commission, the bay is the region’s largest natural wetland which stretches over 1,000 acres. Southern California's coastal wetlands are of vital ecological, hydrological, and economic significance to the region and have been nominated as "Wetlands of International Importance".

The Upper Newport Bay is home to many endangered species. Approximately 70 percent of the nation’s remaining light-footed clapper rail population is found in the Upper Newport Bay; in fact, the marsh is considered the only place in the world where this bird is successfully reproducing.

Since 2002, almost no restoration of damaged areas had occurred and the results of decades of intensive urban growth have seriously degraded the Bay’s sensitive habitats. Visitors of the Upper Newport Bay often make unauthorized trails and damage sensitive salt marsh habitat.

We love our environment and are taking the initiative this October 8th, join us in rehabilitating the marsh area in Upper Newport Bay. Sign-up on our Facebook page here and find out more information on how you can get involved!

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