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I rate Lojisitic a 10 out of 10 for their platform and customer service. I’ve been blown away by both! Whenever I have a question about my shipping spend, I know I can rely on Lojistic’s expertise for answers. And, I love the functionality of the platform. We’re seeing how our shipping dollars are being spent from an entirely new perspective. My favorite feature is Compare Mode. Compare Mode allows our team to see exactly how much we’ve improved over the past quarter. It’s really great.

We've received such a high level of attention and service from the entire Lojistic team. Lojistic is always readily accessible and in constant contact - we really appreciate the attention to detail. With Lojistic, we've able to get incredible shipping discounts and improve the overall relationship with our shipping carriers. It’s been a game changer. Now I’m a star at Schoolhouse...thanks to Lojistic!

Thank you so much to Lojisitic for going above and beyond for us. You truly saved our manufacturing operations. With the saving you were able to find for us, we were able to weather a significant storm and stay afloat. Lojistic kept us running. Many thanks!

I’ve been spending more time digging deep into my company’s shipping history, and it’s really helped us plan ahead. Before I found Lojistic, we had no idea how much our profit margin was impacted by our shipping operations. It was an eye opener. The Lojistic platform is super user-friendly, so finding the information we need to make the best decisions is easy. We’ve been using Lojistic to confirm the accuracy of our accounting software too, which is an added bonus!

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Shippers Love Lojistic

"Wow, Lojistic really organizes the shipping data amazingly for us. FedEx and UPS sites are so bad when trying to pull data together. Lojistic converts that mess into easily digestible and quickly accessible information."

"We have been running significantly more freight this year, saving considerable dollars and improving visibility on our whole supply chain. A large part of our success in this area is due to Lojistic."

"I wish we had found Lojistic years ago. We had no idea how much money we could be saving. At least we’re saving it now... thanks to Lojistic."

"The number one impact this partnership with Lojistic has had on our business is the savings. The savings helped us keep our valued employees, it allowed us to give raises….it did a lot for us. I know I have Lojistic in my back pocket….they saved us!"

"The platform is super easy to navigate and does a great job for our company. We really love the enhanced visibility that we get into our shipping operations. The detailed reporting helps us make the best decisions for our company."

"Access to all of the information in the Lojistic platform has been enlightening. It’s an incredibly powerful business tool. Lojistic doesn’t just save our business money, it gives us all of the information we need to make constant improvements internally."

"I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the help you have given us. You are just so easy to work with. and I am sure we could not have achieved the savings we did without having you as the “inside person” who knows UPS. You never made me feel rushed and spent tons of time coaching the process. You made it practically effortless and saved us a ton of money. Thank you!"

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Your Lojistic account is 100% free. No strings attached.
No credit card required. Use Lojistic to manage and reduce UPS, FedEx & DHL costs.
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