Package Tracking & Visibility
Total Visibility to Your Logistics and Distribution Network:

In tandem with Intelliship, and as a part of our approach to holistic logistics services, Lojistic offers a proprietary state of the art multi-carrier visibility system for your shipment tracking. HALO transforms transportation data into meaningful information so that transportation managers can see all shipments with all carriers in motion via a single interface.

HALO goes well beyond other package tracking systems in that it actively manages the information received from carriers, systems, personnel and even the national weather service, actively identifying which shipments need immediate attention. HALO access is available wherever there is an Internet connection (SaaS), whether on your desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, or Smartphone. Together with Intelliship, our online tracking software solutions provide comprehensive transportation intelligence in real-time for all inbound and outbound shipments.


Both HALO and Intelliship are implemented using a robust project plan to ensure no details are overlooked. Basic requirements for the systems include a 'best-practices' assessment for your specific application, a kick-off presentation and plan development meeting with key stakeholders, information gathering plan (as a part of the overall project plan) including carrier tariffs, detailed routing-guide requirements, number and identity of users, locations for the shipping systems, and other configuration requirements.

The gathered information is used to create the project plan with time-definite benchmarks to ensure the technology implementation is completed within defined parameters.

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HALO® will reduce your shipping costs and simplify transportation management.


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