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Cloud Based Enterprise Shipping Software

Intelliship drives efficiencies in shipment execution by eliminating the need for different shipping systems for each mode or carrier. It is a true internet-native SaaS shipping solution that provides enterprise-wide multi-carrier shipping and manifesting capability to your dock. With its centralized administrative function, you gain a concentric view of all shipping activity across your entire enterprise.

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Data Management & Reporting

We collect and manage your transportation data, but it’s not just about the data. It’s about what the data means. Comprehensive and perfect information results in smart decision-making and higher levels of profitability. Lojistic's team of experts and advanced transportation management software transforms supply chain data into understandable, meaningful, and actionable information.

Super Fast Rate Shopping

With a quick click of your mouse, Intelliship can rate shop the low cost shipping mode, carrier, and service level for every shipment. Based on your company’s unique shipping rules and requirements, our shipping software will automate your company’s routing guide compliance and ensure every shipping decision is a great one. You can easily customize each user’s setup configurations to support high-speed scan automation, batch shipping, and quick one-off shipments.

Easy To Use, Intuitive Interface

Changing software systems can be intimidating for many users, but Intelliship makes it easy. Lots of smart people and a countless number of hours were a part of the interface design of Intelliship. Depending upon each user’s setup configuration, our smart shipping software will request and present information as needed, when it needs to be seen, and will handle all the heavy lifting within the backend programming. Your company could have Intelliship up and running within a matter of days. Users will love the shipping system upgrade and your company’s shareholders will love the cost savings!

Pricing & ROI

Even free software comes with a cost. Time. We understand that large shipping facilities run on muscle memory, and new systems take lots of effort to deploy. Watch as your your initial time investment is repaid as Intelliship picks the best shipping option for every shipment your business makes. With Intelliship, you’ll make smarter decisions, helping you achieve incredible efficiencies.


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