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Instant Carrier Connectors link shipment purchasing history and tracking data to your Lojistic account.

  • Transportation spend overview of all carrier accounts
  • Analytics to improve operations & find savings opportunities
  • Easily pull reports for all carriers and modes at one time
  • Free API - Data When You Need It, Where You Need It
  • Automated Invoice Audit

Lojistic Instant Carrier Connectors

Instantly connect carriers to your Lojistic account.


Lojistic EDI Carrier Connectors

We can link any carrier to your Lojistic account.


What are Lojistic Instant Carrier Connectors?

Lojistic Instant Carrier Connectors quickly link your shipment purchasing history and tracking data from various carriers directly to your Lojistic account. Simply enter your online carrier credentials and click 'Connect'.

Which carriers can I connect to my Lojistic account?

Lojistic currently offers about a dozen different Instant (parcel) Carrier Connectors. There are more than one hundred LTL and FTL  carriers via EDI. More modes and instant connectors are currently in development.

How does connecting carriers to Lojistic benefit my business?

With all shipping history connected to your Lojistic account, you can fine-tune your business rules to eliminate costly inefficiencies, improve carrier rates, benchmark and forecast successfully, evaluate carrier performance, recover refunds for invalid charges and invoice errors, and equip your team with the data it needs when it's needed.

What is the difference between an Instant vs EDI Carrier Connector?

Instant Carrier Connectors offer a quick way to link carriers to your Lojistic account in seconds. On the other hand, EDI Carrier Connectors involve an electronic data feed that the carriers provide us, which we manually link to your account.

Can Lojistic help in auditing carrier invoices?

Yes, your Lojistic account includes an Automated Invoice Audit, which instantly analyzes carrier invoices for inaccuracies to identify potential refunds.

Is there a limit to the number of carriers I can connect to my Lojistic account?

There are no limits to the number of carriers you can connect. 

How do I set up carrier connections in my Lojistic account?

While creating your account, you will be prompted to link your carriers and the platform will walk you through the easy steps. Once you’ve created your account, you can always link additional carriers by selecting 'CONNECT CARRIER' from the menu.

Is there any cost associated with Carrier Connectors?

You can connect an unlimited number of Instant Carrier Connectors for free. For each EDI connection, there’s a $25/month fee.
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