Author: Luke Kupersmith
August 17, 2011

Virtually every carrier invoice received by your company contains erroneous charges that should be refunded to you. Most carrier billing errors are the result of human error and oversight, which occur regularly and continuously. These overcharges amount to much more than mere “chump change”!

Your carrier deserves to be paid for services rendered and you deserve to be billed accurately. Did you know that system input errors committed by delivery drivers are one of the leading reasons for carrier billing errors? Does your company have a process in place to validate the legitimacy of every single discount, accessorial fee, and transportation charge appearing on your carrier’s invoice?

Source Consulting’s comprehensive carrier audit services produce significant cost savings and offer best-in-class shipment visibility solutions. Implementing our service only takes minutes to complete and yet create substantial results. Let us prove the value of our services: Start a 30-Day Shipping Audit Trial Today

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