FedEx Customer Service: Behind the Scenes to Save the Most

Author: Tan Nguyen
May 16, 2019

FedEx Customer Service Avenues for Refund

To get a refund from FedEx, the first thing you do is call the FedEx Revenue Services. That's the billing department. They do have a normal FedEx customer service number that you can call.

There is a billing department that you can call as well for FedEx Revenue Services. If you call the normal FedEx number, you can ask them to transfer you to the FedEx Revenue Services. You can do this by pressing a certain number. Once you do get to the FedEx Revenue Services what will happen is a representative will answer the phone. Sometimes it's a little bit of a wait. But, when you do get them on the phone, they will ask you first of all for your account number. So, you want to make sure that you have on hand. Then they will likely ask for the company you're working for. The account number is still more important.

Requesting More Information

Once you do that, they'll ask you what you need help with today. If you're looking to get credit, they'll likely ask you for more information. This is for verification purposes. They will ask you for the invoice that that tracking number belongs to that you're calling on behalf of. They'll ask you for the invoice date. And they'll ask you for the invoice amount. This is the dollar amount for that invoice for the tracking number you're calling on behalf of. They also may ask you for the FedEx customer service billing address for that account.

If you have a lot of accounts, it's possible that you could have different billing addresses. This is because they may be for different accounts. So, you want to make sure you have the right billing address for that account. Or else they can't verify you are who you say you are and they won't be able to help you. Once you get past all that, then they will ask you: "so what are we calling, and what kind of credit are we looking for today."

Service Failure: Late Shipments

The most popular one I would say is a service failure. And that is one where the shipment is late. If it's one minute late, that means you can get a credit for it in most instances. When you tell them that, they'll look up the tracking number on their system. They'll look at their first tracking system and say "Oh, Okay, it was late, you are correct."

Then if that's true, they look at usually a secondary system. This is where they try to find out if there are any exceptions on why it was late. And that can be an act of God, weather, or a bridge was out. I've even seen a Presidential Election as the cause or reason why they can't get a package delivered on time. Then that closed the roads and things like that.

At that point, if there is an exception, they'll say "Unfortunately, we can't give it to you because of this reason." If there isn't a reason for that, then they will give you the credit. And how FedEx customer service likes to do it is they will actually apply the credit to the invoice it was for. So, let's say you had an invoice for a hundred dollars, and you were a credit of ten dollars for a late shipment. Then, you would only pay 90 dollars on that invoice instead of a hundred dollars. That's how they do it.

FedEx Customer Service and Already-Paid Invoices

Let's say that you have an invoice that was already paid for some reason. And you're applying for a credit for that paid invoice. They can then refund you the money in the same way that you paid for this shipment. So, you did it by credit card, they would credit your credit card. If you did it by ACH they would give you credit through that. Or by check.

At this point, it usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to process that credit. And then you should see it and all should be good. There are other kinds of audits. And certain kinds of credits you can get besides the service failure. There are address correction fees. There are residential fees. There are Saturday delivery pickup and delivery fees. There are also duplicate charge fees.

Those are some of the other things you can get credits for as well. They limit you to about five to ten items per call. Say that you have gone through ten different tracking numbers. Then they'll usually say you need to call back because we kinda have a limit of how many we can take in one call.

Lojistic Helps with FedEx Customer Service

This is where Lojistic comes in: we do all that work for you. It can be time-consuming. We have a large team of employees that actually call these carrier's for these credits on your behalf. We take all the work out of it for you. The great things is that platform we have will actually show you these credits and things you can get. You could call yourself but a lot of time goes into that, so that's what our services will do for you.

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