Free Online Tools to Help Save on Shipping

T Nguyen

May 11, 2012


There are many methods to helping to save money for your company, especially in reducing shipping costs that are very efficient and doable.  However, one well over-looked area that could help many companies out is simply a few clicks away - online shipping tools that are many times free to use.  These tools are available from numerous the carriers themselves to companies like Source Consulting, which provides a free shipping calculator and free shipping comparison tool.

For example, you can try using our FedEx/UPS Rate Calculator to help view the rates of your specific shipments from either major carrier.  The calculator goes through each carrier’s rates, the specific year, service type, weight, and minimum charge and then generates a handy rate sheet that will help you see how much your shipment will cost and can potentially save you money with the right specifications and rates.

Source Consulting has these tools easily available on our main site as well as other services to help your company reduce shipping costs.  With an arsenal of tools and great advice, it will be much easier to save money and put money into important business ideas and initiatives.  It just simply requires initiative and the right knowledge on your businesses’ part for it to succeed!

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