Parcel & Freight Auditing Companies Needed in Global eCommerce Author: akecskes
July 08, 2011

In today's global eCommerce world, logistics encompasses the planning, implementation and efficient movement of goods and information from originator to consumer.

Modern logistics has evolved as more value-added services are embraced by shippers who increasingly rely on outsourcing to cut shipping costs and help improve their bottom line. The goal is to call on experts like freight auditing companies, rather than expand staff and overhead by adding more internal systems and technology.

The growth of e-commerce has underscored the rising importance of freight auditing companies as partners. The benefits of this almost symbiotic relationship include the reduced need for personnel, the ability to cut shipping costs, enhanced customer service, accelerated cycle times, and the availability of more capital.

Transport logistics are critically important and deeply entwined in this era of eCommerce. The goal of any logistics effort includes the efficient and timely delivery of freight and forwarding by the best available means of transport. It also includes a wide range of analytical tools to cut shipping costs. Freight auditing companies can also play a significant role in the effort to reduce shipping costs.

In today's global eCommerce environment, shippers must take control of transport logistics, and have at their disposal real information about the status of execution, as well as the location of freight at any time. This has given rise to freight & parcel auditing companies who provide a variety of services including shipping contract negotiation and analyses. eCommerce companies with high shipping volumes often turn to freight auditing companies to cut shipping costs and smooth out the wrinkles in their logistics process. Exploiting the power of shipping rate analytics and logistics audit technology, these firms optimize small parcel shipping and deliver reductions in freight costs.

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