Manage User Permissions Within Your Lojistic Account

Author: Nathan Wheadon
February 03, 2022

As the industry’s leading cost savings automation and analytics platform designed to help businesses control and reduce shipping costs, we’re constantly updating and improving the Lojistic platform based on the feedback we receive from platform users. 

Editor's note: this post was originally published on September 23, 2021. It's been updated with new content and links.

So if you ship with UPS, FedEx, and/or DHL - regardless of volume - Lojistic was built with you in mind

In this post you can:

  1. Learn about your Lojistic account User Permissions
  2. See a brief tutorial on how to manage permissions

We recently enhanced the User Management feature so platform users can easily provide access and visibility for all who need it. You can add as many users as you’d like to your Lojistic account, so whether you’re a team of one or many, Lojistic supports your needs.

Providing visibility to those who need to have a pulse on your shipping metrics is now a breeze. 

Click here to view the User Management Feature Tutorial on YouTube.

You can control all three user permissions from a single Lojistic account:

  1. Owner
  2. Admin
  3. Standard 

The highest level of permissions is Owner. There is only one Owner per company and an Owner can edit, delete or transfer company ownership; edit, add or remove any other user inside a company; and view data and/or add new automated carrier connectors. 

The next highest level of permissions is Admin. An Admin has all of the permissions as an Owner, except an Admin cannot edit, delete or transfer company ownership. 

Standard users - the third type of permission - can view data and add new automated carrier connectors to an account. 

Here’s a helpful chart that visualizes the Lojistic user permissions.

User Permissions

The Lojistic platform makes sharing information simple and seamless. 

Create a free Lojistic account to control and reduce your UPS, FedEx and DHL costs. 

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