Parcel Shipping Insurance From Lojistic Can Lead To Monumental Savings!

Rich Harkey

August 18, 2016


From lost packages to damaged shipments, shipping insurance is a great way to protect against everything that could happen when a package leaves a warehouse on its way to a destination. The shipping insurance provided by UPS and FedEx is pretty darn expensive, though. And the coverage isn’t that comprehensive.

Usually, shippers will gravitate to the shipping insurance provided by their carrier because of the convenience or because they are unaware that there are other, better options in the market. The real bummer is that the carriers have been increasing their shipping insurance rates for years. UPS and FedEx’s shipping insurance rates have increased more than 33% over the past five years, and these price increases translate to additional profits for the carriers with no additional operational inputs from their end.

Carrier shipping insurance claims can be a real pain to process, requiring a ton of paperwork and human input to follow up on the statuses of all submitted claims. The carriers also impose a $2.70 minimum fee for every shipment insured – not something you want to see on your shipping insurance policy. You’d think that for the premiums and fees you’re paying, you’d receive nothing less than stellar rates and service accompanied by a worry and hassle-free claims process. That unfortunately isn’t the case with the shipping insurance provided by FedEx and UPS!

Keeping your costs down when using the parcel shipping insurance options provided by the carriers is no doubt a real challenge. The shipping insurance solution that the folks at Lojistic can plug you into is second to none and has the potential to save you a TON of money. In certain circumstances, insurance savings have been as high as 92%!

The parcel shipping insurance solution you can access though Lojistic has no minimum fee per parcel, saving you $2.70 on every shipment to begin with! Nearly every item is covered, making our insurance a truly all-risk solution. Oh, and the claims process is paperless and handled fast. Start saving money, and time, with the Lojistic parcel shipping insurance.

Getting started is a breeze. Just drop us a line here!

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