Seriously, Who Is Running This Company?

Nathan Wheadon

October 06, 2020


When you imagine what a stereotypical CEO looks like, what comes to mind?

Probably not this guy:


Yes, that is Luke the CEO of Lojistic. Undoubtedly, in the moment pictured, he was primed for an epic Dungeons and Dragons quest.

Luke isn’t the only one at Lojistic that “evolved” over the years.


So has Co-Founder & EVP Jared.


Despite popular belief, Jared was NOT a body double for Spanky in Little Rascals…although those royalty checks are pretty suspicious…

Some of us were fortunate to (mostly) avoid those awkward years, like Johnny, our Audit & Client Support Manager.


Johnny has always had that sixth sense of knowing precisely where the camera is.


Years after this picture of Johnny was taken, his “steely” look served as inspiration for Ben Stiller in Zoolander.

Others on the team…have not been so fortunate.


Take Alessandro, who (somehow) exchanged his impressive title of ‘Best Bowl Cut’ for ‘Director of Development’.

We’re unsure if that was an upgrade or downgrade.


He was literally “born to code” from the beginning.

So why did we put old (and somewhat embarrassing) school photos in our email signatures? Is it just a ploy to laugh at ourselves? Well, yes.

Below, find a few of the Lojisticrats in all their awkward glory. Enjoy!


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